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It is difficult to watch a loved one slowly suffer from addiction. You can try and believe what they say about being able to stop at any time, but you know that’s not true. The best thing to do for a loved one who is enslaved by their drug addiction is to check them into a recovery center. Unfortunately, it’s not as easy as just checking them in as most addicts will be very against the idea of approaching a rehab center or even acknowledging that they have a problem. Here are a few helpful tips to show the person you love that you want the best for them and rehab is their best option for living a full and healthy life.

Gather Family and Friends

Addicts that are deep into their addiction may not understand the full scope of how their habits are affecting those around them. Gathering the family and friends of the addict in a safe and supportive environment can help them see how they are affecting the people they love with a habit they can not control anymore.

Understand the Anger

During an intervention, or a one on one conversation about rehab it is extremely common for the addict to lash out in anger at whoever brought up the idea or questioned their ability to stop. The worst thing you could do in this situation is getting angry back as an anger based argument can lead to the addict not wanting to listen to anything their loved ones have to say and instead turn back to their drug of choice for instant relief. In a situation where an addict is lashing out in anger, the best thing to do is remain calm and remind the addict that you love them.

It Might Take a Few Tries

Telling the addict they need to go to therapy doesn’t always work the way you might want it to, no matter how many loved ones gather to help. You and many other people who love the addict may have to talk to them multiple times before the message will stick, and even then sometimes the only way for an addict to realize they need professional help is to figure it out for themselves.

Once the addict is ready for rehab, it is essential to pick a recovery center that Is credible and well equipped to help your loved one. Asana Recovery is one such place that is ready and equipped to help recovery addicts reach and maintain sobriety. We have caring and experienced staff ready be supportive guides for your loved ones through the detox and recovery process. If you or a loved one is ready to start on the path to a sober life, please visit us as Asana Recovery.