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One of the dangers of drug addiction is the very real and likely probability of a drug overdose. Many people incorrectly assume that an overdose means that someone has died from taking too many drugs. While the possibility of death is very likely after an overdose, this is not what the definition of an overdose is. The clinical definition of an overdose is when a person, intentionally or unintentionally, takes more of a substance than their body can handle, causing their body to shut down. The severity of the overdose depends on a variety of factors including, the type of drug taken, the amount taken, and the medical history of the person taking the drugs.

The symptoms of an overdose leading up to the body shutting down can be physical maladies such as nausea dizziness, cramping, confusion, among many others are likely, but there is also a high likelihood of the addict experiencing psychological ailments like hallucinations as well. There are a few risk factors to keep in mind when taking drugs, even if they are prescription drugs, in order to avoid suffering an overdose. Storing drugs in places that are easily accessible to children is extremely dangerous because kids don’t know any better and will swallow the pills resulting in an overdose. It is important to understand and comply with the dosage that the doctor prescribes as the dosage is set specifically for that person based on their medical needs as well as their body type. If a patient was to give their prescription to another person or increase the dosage without their doctor’s permission, this could lead to serious illness or overdose. History of mental illness is also a high-risk factor for overdoses because mental illness, particularly depression or suicidal thoughts, can be a trigger for somebody and drive them to overdose purposely.

When you or someone you know suffers from an overdose, it is crucial to remain calm and call 911; be sure to explain to the operator what the person suffering from the overdose what drugs they had been taking if you know. After the victim of an overdose is taken to a hospital and is able to recover the next step for the addict should be seriously considering admitting themselves to a rehab center.

Asana Recovery is an excellent place for addicts who need help getting and staying sober. Our detox program is necessary for any addict before the recovery process can begin in full, as the substances they have been using would have created a dependence in their body at the point. The only way to get rid of this substance dependence is to spend time in a monitored environment away from the drug they used to use causing the substance to leave the body over time.

Asana Recovery also has a highly trained staff ready to help recovering addicts in any way they can, from helping with the pains of withdrawal during detox, to giving helpful advice on how to prevent relapse when the program is done. If you or a loved one is addicted to drugs, please visit us at Asana Recovery, get help before an overdose because you might not be able to after.