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Watching your child struggle with addiction is one of the most difficult things any parent will go through. They are often victims themselves of deception and lies as addicts lose their ability to rationalize their behavior. Quite often, teens begin lying, stealing, and breaking the rules—which can be overwhelming for parents to deal with. Thankfully, there are drug treatments available to help teens get off drugs and back into a healthier lifestyle.

The thought of a drug rehab program may bring up a lot of questions for parents. Is it worth the time and money? Will it help? What is going to happen to my teen throughout the process? Going to rehab may seem scary for teens and parents alike. It is important that you understand what teen rehab involves and how it helps.

What Teen Rehab Involves

Each treatment program will vary some, but teens generally focus on overcoming their addiction by engaging in activities and therapies. These tasks help teens uncover the root of their addiction and develop skills for maintaining sobriety. Engaging in activities allows teens to find things they love that are healthy for them. A typical schedule for rehab includes:

–          Daily therapy sessions with trained professionals. These may be individual therapies or group sessions.

–          Routine health screenings. Weight, blood pressure, and other information will be monitored daily to ensure your teen is continuing on the path to recovery without experiencing negative side effects.

–          School work. School-aged teens will continue on their academics to ensure they do not fall behind as they get treatment.

–          Exercise. Teens will engage in physical activities like walking, weight lifting, swimming, running, etc. These activities are often reliable in helping addicts find a new activity that they love to engage in instead of using drugs.

Teens are often required to follow a strict routine early on and they can earn more freedom as they succeed through treatment. Free time with peers in recovery is generally supervised and teens are provided with regular meals and snacks to ensure they receive the vitamins and nutrients they need.

Teen rehab ensures addicts have an open learning environment with a healthy structure and a fresh new environment they can focus in. The strict schedule ensures teens develop healthy routines that ensure they are able to focus on maintaining their sobriety once they reenter society.

 Rehab eliminates the distractions of everyday life so individuals are able to focus on getting the help they need. Family support is also a very big part of treatment. At Asana Recovery, we place a great emphasis on family therapy. It is crucial for families to recognize that addiction impacts more than just an addict. Quite often, families suffer entirely as they cope with addiction.

If you or someone you know is struggling with addiction, it is important that you take the first step forward in order to return to a healthy life. We have trained professionals available at (949) 438-4504 that can help you get started today.