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Addiction in the workplace can be disastrous and expensive for many companies as well as for the employees struggling with substance abuse.  With more than 60 percent of people with an addiction problem maintaining employment, this is a cause for concern. Opioid addiction alone costs organizations over 2 billion per year, that’s eight times what it was 14 years ago.  Employees with substance abuse issues cost their employers money in lost production, increased accidents and injuries, and a rise in healthcare expenses.  Companies may want to assist in helping their employees with addiction but may not know where to begin. Here is a list of helpful tips to handle addiction in the workplace.


Educate Staff About Addiction

By introducing some effective programs to your employees, you can start to address alcohol and substance abuse in the workplace.  This includes implementing a drug free workplace and drug testing policies.


Recognize the Signs of Addiction

Your Organization’s administrative Staff should understand how to recognize the signs of addiction in the workplace.  Some common signs include an increase in absences and arriving late to work. His or her work performance will suffer or they may lose interest in their work entirely.  At times the employee may become volatile.


Keep a Record of Suspicious Activity

It is important to document suspicious behavior by an employee, or when you receive a report from another staff member.  If you have more than one staff member to support the suspicious activity, this will be better for your documentation. You may have to reveal all records of suspicious activity when you suggest treatment for his or her addiction problem or to terminate their employment.


Address Issues Appropriately

If you believe that employees have an alcohol or substance abuse issue, address it as soon as possible.  If there is a chance harm could be done to other staff members and customers, move them from the workplace immediately.  You should let employees know you are worried about their well-being and health. Make sure the employee is offered a ride home instead of having him or drive themselves.


Make a Plan for Treatment

The employees with a substance abuse problem should seek the help of a professional.  Taking a vacation will not provide them with the tools they need to begin the recovery process.  Many addicts try to avoid entering a treatment program for fear of losing their job. They are more willing to seek professional help if they know their employer is not at risk.  


Provide Addiction Treatment for Your Employee

As an employer, you may be concerned about your bottom line, but the well being of your employees is a concern as well. You should direct all staff members with substance abuse to a qualified treatment program.  At Asana Recovery, we provide a comprehensive treatment program to people with substance abuse issues.  Each program is designed to the particular needs of each client so they can receive the help they need and deserve.  Ask your company to contact us today at 949-438-4504.