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As you probably know, addiction continues to escalate the longer it goes unaddressed. The consequences of an individual’s addiction get worse as time goes on, which is why it is so important to quit and get better as soon as possible. 

Choosing a treatment facility and getting help may seem overwhelming for addicts, but it is crucial to recognize just how better your life will be once you are addiction free. Recognizing an addition and getting help is only half the battle. Once you go through treatment and you are sent home, there is a world ahead of problems and challenges you will face. Knowing what to expect in the days and years to come will help you continue on a positive path through recovery. 

Important Practices 

Honesty will play a key component in your long-term success. It is important for you to be honest with your friends and family, but most importantly yourself. You will feel the need to analyze nearly every situation, at least for the next few weeks, to determine if it is a positive step in the right direction – and that is perfectly fine. If you are unsure, ask for help. Although your family and friends do not know exactly what you are going through, they do understand that you have come this far and you are determined to make your life better. People will always be willing to help you continue success, and it is crucial for you to recognize that not everyone is bad. 

Cut ties with old friends that are active users. If you have friends that do not want to go through the recovery process as you did, you need to stop associating with them. Although it may seem nearly impossible, it is for your own good. If you continue to socialize with active users, you are likely to relapse. Instead, find ways to have fun while sober. Find friends that have gone through recovery as well so you can work to build each other up through your journey.  

After rehab, addicts face several common challenges. Three of the biggest challenges individuals face are financial problems, health issues, and problems with relationships.  Consider meeting with a financial advisor to set some short and long-term financial goals. You may be able to take out small loans to keep yourself afloat as you move forward.  

Visit your doctors regularly. Former addicts often face several illnesses and health problems, so it is important to maintain regular doctor visits in order to make sure you are not. Continue semiannual or annual checkups with your doctor, have blood screenings performed regularly, and visit the dentist every six months. Should you need any specialists for other lingering conditions, do not avoid going.  

Consider going to family-based therapy with your spouses, children, or other family members. This type of therapy works to improve communication with your loved ones. This type of therapy can help you all move forward in an honest and open relationship so you can build trust and move forward positively. 

At Asana Recovery, we provide a comprehensive treatment program to people with substance abuse issues.  Each program is designed to the particular needs of each client so they can receive the help they need and deserve.  Ask your company to contact us today at 949-438-4504.