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Often, when your spouse is an addict, there is a sense of misunderstanding from family and friends about the disease.  Often people approach the addict from a place of judgment and disappointment. And the addicted spouse is filled with shame and guilt.  But, first and foremost, loved ones need to understand that no one plans on becoming an addict.  It is just something that happens with usually multifaceted causes.  There are things, however, that you can focus on in order to approach the situation from a sense of love and caring when your spouse is an addict.

It can be quite hard to have a relationship with and to help a spouse who is an addict.  First, their ability to make rational and reasonable decisions are damped by the drug or alcohol of choice.  Second, they have the inability to control their sense of need to take the drug. Third, they have an inability to be happy and to feel pleasure in normal circumstances and believe that they need the drug or alcohol in order to do so.  There are many other reasons why it’s difficult to help a spouse who is an addict:

  • They engage in manipulation in relation to their addiction.
  • Often, addicts will blame everyone but themselves and their addiction for their troubles.
  • In order to support their habit, addicts lie and steal and possibly become violent.
  • Due to these behaviors, addicts are often involved in criminal proceedings.

So, what can a wife or husband do when their spouse is an addict?  The first thing to do is to educate yourself as much as possible about addiction in general and addiction as it relates to the specific drug of choice.  When you become more educated about the subject, then you might approach the situation with less blame and be more understanding and caring toward your partner, with the notion that this is a disease and your spouse is not choosing to be an addict.

There are also many people that can help you with helping your addicted spouse.  There are organizations that specifically cater to family members of addicted people and provide information that will help you understand your situation better.  You can also rely on medical professionals and therapists who are specialists in addiction counseling.  You can also seek the help of addiction rehabilitation facilities assuming your addicted spouse is willing to engage in that type of treatment.

There are some things you should avoid doing when your spouse is an addict.  Do not make it easy for your spouse to engage in activity that supports his addiction.  Try not to criticize or nag, but come at them from a position of love and support. Finally, do not give up on them.  There may be times that you may want to just walk away. But remember that there can be light at the end of the tunnel.  Always have their back.

With the help of addiction professionals, you can your spouse can get through this and live a life full of positive things.  There is a path out of the hole that you may currently feel you are in.

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