Asana Recovery

Amber Vaughan-Admissions Manager

Admissions Manager

Amber is an avid photographer and owns her own photography business. She loves to travel the world and take photos, and recently lived in Mexico to pursue a passion project in photography. She has three children who mean the world to her, as well as two dogs, a Lab and a Great Dane.

In 2012, she received a Bachelor of Science from Liberty University. When she is not busy with photography, she enjoys spending time with her kids, adventuring outdoors, free-diving, and reading.

At Asana Recovery, Amber works as an Admissions Manager. She engages potential clients and markets the services offered at Asana Recovery. Her role also involves referring potential clients to the Admissions Team to complete the admissions process.

Working in the addictions industry is important to Amber because she has seen the power of lives changed through recovery, community, and education.