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Brittney Weber Health Technician

Health Technician

Health Technician, Brittney Weber, first became interested in addiction recovery while trying to understand her former partner’s struggles with dual diagnosis substance use disorders and mental health disorders. She had graduated from Arizona State University with a BA in psychology yet she had been working in administrative roles for ten years.

“What originally drove me to dive into this field was trying to understand her better,” Brittney says. “Since then, though, I have discovered that I am passionate about this work and love helping clients discover their full potential outside of addiction.”

Brittney’s interests include reading, writing, hiking, true crime, psychology (especially the subsets of mental health and addiction), sociology and history. She writes poetry and is working on compiling her first book.

Three things that make Brittney happy are:

  1. Reading and/or visiting the library on a rainy day
  2. Helping others make positive strides
  3. My landlord’s dog, Zoey. She has my heart!