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Crystal Melms CADC II Case Manager

CADC II Case Manager

Asana Recovery case manager, Crystal Melms, has a funny story about how she came to work in the field of addiction recovery. As a stay-at-home mother facing an imminent divorce, she knew that she needed to find a career. “I was looking at the back of a Penny Saver and saw an ad for a vocational school that featured classes to be an AOD (Alcohol and Other Drug) counselor,” Crystal says. “I called and asked what I thought was a very important question: ‘Do you have to be a recovering alcoholic or addict?’ because I am not. The person told me: ‘No. You have to be empathetic and good with people.’ Thirteen years later, I love what I do. I am so very excited to join the Asana Recovery team and look forward to meeting everyone!”

Crystal has four kids (ages 11 through 25), two cats, one dog, a snake, and her youngest daughter also likes to keep garden snails as pets.” She says her husband, who she has known since she was 15, is her best friend. She has an associate degree and is working towards her Bachelor’s degree with the goal of becoming a therapist.

For fun, Crystal enjoys art, decorating, listening to music, dancing, watching the same movies over and over again (and quoting them!). She loves having her whole family together, being at the beach and shopping at Ross. She also loves singing karaoke. “Not sure if I’m good at it, but that doesn’t stop me!” Crystal says.