Asana Recovery

Hunter Hill Behavioral Health Technician

Health Technician

While Hunter Hill’s family is back home in New Mexico, the Behavioral Health Technician has much to enjoy about living in California and working at Asana Recovery. She loves meeting new people, learning new things and – not surprisingly – working in addiction recovery. “I have a Bachelors in psychology and focused my last two years on Addiction Studies,” Hunter says. “I have always been passionate about helping people who struggle with addiction and want to learn new ways to combat this disease.”

In addition to her family in New Mexico, who Hunter is very close to, she also enjoys spending time with friends, reading and doing things outdoors like hiking or going to the beach. A graduate of the University of New Mexico, Hunter loves the arts and went to a performing arts school for grades six through 12. Hunter discovered a love of creative writing at a young age, a passion that she’s continued on throughout her life.