Asana Recovery

Jeanette Lemeiux

Jeanette Lemeiux Case Manager

Group Facilitator

When Asana Recovery Case Manger, Jeanette Lemieux, thinks of three things that make her happy, she lists them in this order:

1. My daughters
2. Love in the world
3. Joining the Asana Team!

“Addiction has touched almost everyone in my family, and being part of the solution has been a life goal for me,” Jeanette says.

Though she had had a hip replacement at the young age of 33, Jeanette loves going to the beach and going camping. She also enjoys playing board games with her family, which includes her “two beautiful daughters, Eve and Violet, and also the cutest cat on the planet, named Rocky.”

Jeanette graduated from Long Beach City College in 2011 with a BA in English.