Asana Recovery

Krystal Smith Admissions Counselor

Senior Admissions Counselor

Krystal is an artist and has a passion for all things creative. She enjoys crafts, painting, sculpting, and playing the piano.

Before joining Asana Recovery, she attended Golden West College and majored in psychology with a minor in sociology. She plans on returning to school to become an LCSW.

At Asana Recovery, Krystal works as Senior Admissions Counselor, where she promotes and markets Asana Recovery to targeted professionals, handles incoming calls, and maintains the sales database. She also screens qualified patients to potentially admit into the program.

She got started in the addictions industry because she wants to help people on their recovery journey. She says, “I come from a family full of addicts, most of us have broken free from active addiction. However, growing up in that toxic environment has given me first-hand insight into the power addiction holds. I want to help others break free and build a life that is not only worth living, but one they can enjoy sober.”

Krystal finds happiness in spending time with her family at Six Flags or relaxing at the beach. She has a 15-year-old daughter who is her entire world, and two older sisters who are her best friends. She shares her home with two cats who drive her crazy and keep her sane all at the same time.

She is proud to be four years sober and says that she has bonded with her family more in the past four years than she has in her entire life. Recovery is extremely important to Krystal. She attends three to four meetings per week and still talks to her sponsor multiple times a week. She says, “Relapse is not part of my story.”