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Online Addiction Treatment

Asana Recovery now offers online addiction treatment individually tailored to fit your schedule.  

Our telehealth addiction recovery solutions are personalized for each of our clients so you can make the most of your valuable time, while still receiving the best possible virtual care for addiction. Depending on your geographic location and financial situation, continuing your addiction treatment after detox or inpatient treatment may be difficult or impossible. Finding ongoing addiction treatment from qualified professionals might require expensive and life-disrupting travel or relocation. Faced with that daunting prospect, many newly sober people can’t continue the valuable growth they began in treatment. Without transitional support, the sober life they began during their inpatient program may be in jeopardy.

Addiction is a lifelong disease requiring ongoing work and professional care to prevent relapse.

Asana Recovery’s online addiction treatment removes geographic barriers to continuing recovery by offering the same services included in our Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) and Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) accessed with a smartphone, computer or tablet. All of our telehealth addiction treatment services use a secure HIPAA-compliant teleconference platform.

Both online addiction treatment programs are tailored to provide personalized care informed by an individual’s unique needs and include:

Online Addiction Treatment for Partial Hospitalization Program

Asana Recovery’s Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) provides the next step for clients immediately following detox and residential treatment. It offers a high level of daily structure and support and various therapy options. Like Asana Recovery’s traditional PHP, this virtual addiction treatment program includes:

Intensive Outpatient Therapy Online Addiction Treatment

In the comfort of your home, with less disruptions to school, work and family routines, Asana Recovery’s online IOP virtual addiction treatment offers the same services as in-person addiction treatment, including:

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