About Asana Recovery



The Asana Way

The Asana Way is the core principle by which we work…and live. It forms the “blueprint” for how we treat our clients, work with our industry professionals, and engage our staff.

Our Mission

To provide a healing environment where our clients acknowledge and understand their addiction, embrace a lifestyle of productivity, and find the fulfillment that comes in serving others.

Our Vision

To operate inspiring facilities that support recovery, where we can enjoy fulfilling careers and be of service to others.

Our Values

As an organization that believes in living what we teach, our core values are deeply aligned with our own personal beliefs. When you come to Asana Recovery for your addiction treatment and recovery, you can expect to see our core values in action.

“The heart and soul of the company is creativity and innovation”



As an organization, we are comprised of individuals who actively seek happiness and fulfillment in our lives. We believe that true happiness is rooted in gratitude for what we have and the opportunities we are afforded, including the ability to truly help people on a daily basis. It is our goal to help our clients find fulfillment and contentment in their own lives.


We encourage our clients to live a life of balance and, more importantly, mindfulness. This means that we make every effort to help you develop a practice of maintaining a nonjudgmental state of complete awareness of your thoughts, emotions, and experiences on a moment-to-moment bases,  being fully present, and engaged in the now. Mindfulness is key to achieving a life balance that is crucial in successful long-term recovery.

Team Work

Your recovery is our goal. All members of our staff involved in your treatment program will work closely with each other and with you to help ensure that we can guide you towards a better life away from addiction.


As an organization we care about the responsible management of resources within the organization, community, and natural environment.


We encourage innovative and creative thinking. The traditional and usual approach might not always provide the best solution at the moment. Testing, along with failure, bring some of the greatest opportunities for personal growth.