When it comes to international drug policies, Austria has always been the strongest host and defender of multiple organizations designed to fight drug-related crimes and instigate measures for controlling these (at times) potentially dangerous substances. Over the next six months, the European nation will once again assume the EU Council Presidency and bear the sole responsibility of directing and conditioning a united voice on the issue of global drug control. Even more importantly, Austria’s role will serve as a pillar in the upcoming meeting of the United Nations in March 2019, which will focus on aspects of drug control across the world. Needless to say, the meeting will once again play a huge impact on drug addiction on a different front, including the U.S. Opioid Crisis and narcotics issues across Eurasia. Let’s take a closer look at this upcoming event and find out more.

A Major Milestone in International Policies

2019 UNITED NATIONS SUMMIT WILL FOCUS ON THE FLAWS OF INTERNATIONAL DRUG POLICIESAs part of the upcoming meeting in March 2019, the United Nations will be conducting a critical meeting that will be centered on the national drug policy, including reviews of how each country has fought problems stemming from the use or sale of drugs. With the rise of drug trafficking, production, and addiction (as well as abuse) in regions of the world, multiple governments are aware that the existing drug control system has failed to succeed and complete its goals. In response to this problem, countries are introducing a variety of drug policies related to the decriminalization of drug use, integration of therapies for heavy users, and the legalization of certain drugs for total control (as seen in Canada and Uruguay).

Strengthening the Law and Lessening Damage

Overall, this meeting will prove to be a historical moment for the world. United Nations members rarely bring up the concept that prohibition is flawed, including its failure to stop the spread of HIV/AIDs or the severe impairment of human rights. As a result of rigorous drug control and a complete focus on law enforcement, the public has become the biggest casualty of the international policy (not the criminals who should be paying for their terrible deeds). Ultimately, during the UN Nation, Austria will provide more rigorous and dispersed methods of drug control that will not destroy civilian lives in the process.

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