Overall, the little green plant called marijuana has made quite an impact over the last few days, hasn’t it? Since the 2018 midterm election, the fragrant, mind-altering herb has achieved a legal status in three more states (with one completely legalizing recreational use). Nevertheless, despite cannabis community victories in Michigan, Utah, and Missouri, legal officials still have to face the reality of illegal pot markets emerging across the United States. Unfortunately, despite attempts at intervention, criminal activity still runs rampant in several major regions including California. However, Colorado and the newly involved Missouri have become the focal points of a new crime. At this time, officials uncovered 2017 records about a 22-year-old man’s criminal convictions for marijuana trafficking, shedding a negative light on the seemingly harmless drug. Let’s take a closer look at what happened.

Midnight Express the Home Game

Much like the main character from the infamous film Midnight Express, 22-year old Aaron Blankenship was responsible for transporting an illegal substance between state lines. In 2017, he would drive an estimated 600 miles from Springfield, Missouri (through the Kansas border) to arrive at shops along the eastern border of Colorado. While in Colorado, Blankenship purchased several pounds of marijuana flowers at a price of $1,500 per pound. Once he returned to Missouri, the 22-year old sold this weed for a higher price of $2,500 per pound.

Even more frightening, Zach McFarland (chief prosecutor) revealed that Blankenship was a professional dealer who was heavily armed during his arrest at his home (only 1,000 feet from an elementary school in Springfield). Around the time of his sentencing, Blankenship professed that he suffered from chronic paranoia and did not trust anyone or anything (to a severe level).

More Weed Arrests

22-YEAR OLD MAN IMPRISONED FOR TRAFFICKING MARIJUANA FROM COLORADO TO MISSOURIAs part of Proposition 2, lawmakers have emphasized how the term “allow physician recommended” is much more influential on this current situation. Overall, officials have argued that the term “legalize” is a broad marker for heavier restrictions and enforcement. However, the public has wondered if this law is enough to ensure that marijuana users will not face dire consequences.

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