If you heard about a college party that offered “free drugs” on a banner, right in the middle of a university campus, you would probably laugh it off as a practical joke. However, in 2013, one institution actually brought this idea to life through a bizarre stunt that (for lack of a better phrase) broke the ice and definitely got school officials’ attention. Let’s just say that hosting a party that is based on a wildly entertaining, drug-infested TV show is enough to get the ball of irritation rolling. Let’s take a closer look at the infamous “Breaking Bad” party at Newcastle University.

“Get Your Meth This Friday”

A CLOSER LOOK AT A “BREAKING BAD” COLLEGE PARTYWhen you are putting together a college party, (obviously) the last thing you would choose for the theme and layout is the TV show Breaking Bad. When it originally aired on AMC, the hit series about a good-natured chemistry teacher-turned-meth cook gained a devoted fan following and pretty much cemented the name Bryan Cranston into American media. However, we doubt even Walter White would be able to comprehend a message that reads “Get Your Meth This Friday” on a college bulletin board.

To promote their upcoming party, members of the Newcastle student union sent catchphrases like “come and get your meth” and “legit meth” and a horde of pictures featuring blue “meth pills” all across social media sites. Although the members reassured the school that these drugs were completely fake and the message was intended to be humorous, the crystal-meth-themed party (obviously) hit a few sore spots for school officials.

Drawing Criticism

Needless to say, critical opinions were eventually unleashed. Chairman Damian Conway explained that real drugs would never be handed out by members of the student union, but he found these messages to be quite shocking, nonetheless. Meanwhile, the Northumberland, Tyne, and Wear Foundation Trust and the Newcastle Pubwatch group both criticized the blatant references to crystal meth use. In the end, NUSU President Calum Mackenzie explained that Breaking Bad is a very dire show with grim themes, so he can fully understand why people wouldn’t necessarily be laughing at this obvious joke.

Seeking Treatment for Meth Addiction

Crystal meth might easily be one of the most dangerous and highly addictive drugs in the world, and (obviously) a substance of this potency should never be used as the theme for a party. Drug abuse and addiction (in the same manner as any chronic illness) should never be treated lightly. However, we are happy to tell you that health and happiness are always on the horizon, if you just know where to look for the stories.

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