In the wake of the opioid epidemic (easily one of the most terrifying public health crises in American history), we tend to forget that another silent killer is wreaking havoc in our streets: crystal meth. Before painkillers became a major issue in our country, you may recall how police were busting hundreds of meth labs across the United States, and how innocent people were dying not only from the drugs but also from lab explosions. Much like the opioid crisis, though, the U.S. meth crisis has also settled in certain areas of the country, but where can we find them? Let’s take a closer look at some hot-spots for crystal meth activity in the United States.

Good Old Country Problem

A CLOSER LOOK AT CRYSTAL METH HOT SPOTS ACROSS THE UNITED STATESAccording to records in 2013, crystal meth is not a major problem in urban or suburban areas of the United States (although we cannot discount its presence in cities) but is a major issue for people living in rural regions of the country. Based on a report from the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA), a large portion of meth labs in America have been concentrating in the Midwest and South regions, which is an ironic twist: states with the highest population of people (e.g. California, Texas, and New York) have some of the lowest numbers of meth labs in the country.

Poking the Bear

Needless to say, the Midwest has been a hotspot for meth labs since the 1990s. As to why this is the case, members of Minnesota Public Radio suggested that meth cooks could easily hide from the authorities in the secluded foothills and forests of the midwestern states. On that note, you may not be surprised to hear that Missouri and Tennessee have topped the list of meth hot spots with incidences ranking in the thousands (1,825 in Missouri and 1,585 in Tennessee). Likewise, Indiana has continued to hold its position as a meth hub for nearly a decade.

Seeking Treatment for Meth Addiction

Crystal meth might easily be one of the most dangerous and highly addictive drugs in the world, and (obviously) a substance of this potency should never be used as the theme for a party. Drug abuse and addiction (in the same manner as any chronic illness) should never be treated lightly. However, we are happy to tell you that health and happiness are always on the horizon if you just know where to look for the stories.

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