If recent reports have shown us anything, it is that people love to experiment with marijuana in very bizarre and sometimes very dangerous ways. The days of smoking a joint or a cigar or eating pot brownies are common thanks to the legalization of the drug in nearly half of the United States. Seeing cannabis drinks will soon become the norm if Pepsi has a say. On that note, have you ever heard about a habit called dabbing? Let’s take a closer look at this strange form of marijuana consumption and why it can potentially be hazardous to your health and safety.

Dabbing with Dabs

Simply put, dabbing refers to the process of consuming heated marijuana oil. Typically, the process involves heating the concentrate (usually on a hot nail) before smoking it via a water rig. People who engage in dabbing experience a tremendously powerful “high” due to strong concentrations of THC (delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol) in the marijuana oil (or butter).

Likewise, “dabs” is a term for the cannabis butter or oils used for smoking, and one of the most popular is butane oil. Other names for marijuana concentrates include 710 (a reversal of the word OIL), budder, honey oil, shatter, black glass, and errl. THC levels in oils and butter can range from 70% to 90%, stronger than any does of marijuana in a joint or a brownie.

Live Resin and Terpenes

For dabbing, pot enthusiasts may choose something that gives them more of a kick.

Unlike typical marijuana concentrates, live resin is fashioned from uncured marijuana plants (specimens that have been frozen after a harvest). Afterward, the collected plant material is manufactured into a solvent extract, which is mixed with cold liquid butane. The ensuing chemical has properties similar to the ones in butane hash oil (BHO).

Terpenes, on the other hand, are drawn from the cannabis flower’s resin glands (the same portion where THC and CBD are stored). These chemicals give the marijuana plant its distinctive fragrance and taste and produce the euphoric effects that induce a high.

As with any drug, marijuana is potentially dangerous, but concentrates pose a more significant threat due to flammability. People who attempt to make butter and oils will use a chemical called butane, and the results (if not timed properly) can be explosive.

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