After a massive skyrocket in 2007, alcohol consumption in Finland has significantly dropped by nearly 1/5 of this amount, but, unfortunately, this beautiful Scandinavian country still suffers from a uniquely severe case of alcohol use. Based on a recent report surveying the drinking habits of locals, researchers determined that an estimated 13% of Finns drink dangerous amounts of alcohol, so toxic that their health is on the line. In essence, that means that 560,000 residents are at a risk of dying from alcohol consumption. Now, let’s consider that 57% of (almost half) of the Finnish population has exceeded the safe level of drinking, and you might realize how this lovely land is falling prey to the bottle. So why is Finland one of the drunkest countries on earth? Let’s take a look at their dangerous alcohol problem.

Record Levels Have Dropped

First, let’s begin on a happy note by looking at how much the record levels of alcohol consumption have dropped in Finland from 2008 to 2016:

  • The number of men who consume alcohol on a weekly basis dropped from 60% to 53%.
  • The number of women who consume alcohol on a weekly basis dropped from 35% to 28%.
  • Men do not consume as much alcohol in one sitting as they did before.

Even more interesting, the number of teetotalers in Finland has also increased from:

  • 10% to 12% for men
  • 10% to 15% for women

Problematic Drinking Habits

A CLOSER LOOK AT FINLAND’S DANGEROUS ALCOHOL PROBLEMSo, if this is the case, why is Finland still suffering from an alcohol epidemic, so to speak? Based on the survey, 1,200,000 Finns have suffered from negative consequences of drinking including fights, accidents, or rows (in 2017). Despite the improvements in drinking behavior, when you work in the deductibles, that means that 900,000 people are still engaging in dangerous behavior stemming from alcohol. In retrospect, that is still not an improvement.

Despite this issue, did you know that Finns are still very disciplined when it comes to alcohol consumption? In terms of drinking episodes, they will:

  • Consume the drinks in the privacy of their homes (77%)
  • Consume drinks at venues over Friday and the weekend (68%)
  • Consume drinks with their spouse or loved one (43%)

Likewise, a majority of Finns prefer brewery products over other forms of alcohol (49% of people) and will not drink and eat food at the same time (only 8% engage in these episodes).

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