Over the years, research has opened our eyes to the fact that alcohol puts a damper on the secretion of testosterone. However, in a recent study, scientists have discovered that this drug can also trigger a rapid-fire release of plasma, as well as clusters of testosterone inside the brain. Remarkably, this latest discovery could prove why some individuals who overindulge in alcohol can exhibit heightened aggression and violence and (in some cases) experience heightened libido. According to Dr. Robert H. Purdy (member of the Scripps Research Institute), two groups of lab rats (test subjects in a recent study) produced testosterone in completely different ways after being exposed to alcohol. So, in essence, alcohol abuse impacts differences between the pathology of behavior and the endocrine system. Let’s take a closer look at how alcohol can heighten aggression.

Assessing Neuroactive Steroids

Based on the findings in this report, researchers separated lab rats into two different groups (30 un-operated subjects and 24 adrenalectomized and castrated subjects) and injected them with one of two substances: pure alcohol or 1,1-dideuteroethanol (2 grams of alcohol per kilogram of body weight). (Keep in mind that 1,1-dideuteroethanol is a nonradioactive variety of alcohol, created through the replacement of ethanol with deuterium atoms.) Utilizing mass spectrometry, the scientists sought to determine the percentage of neuroactive steroids in each of the male rats.

Testosterone through the Roof

A CLOSER LOOK AT HOW ALCOHOL HEIGHTENS AGGRESSIONSimply put, the results of the study were remarkable. After administration and monitorization, the researchers concluded that the unoperated male rats experienced boosts in testosterone (4 times stronger in the frontal cortex and 3 times stronger in plasma) only 30 minutes after they had received their doses of alcohol. Meanwhile, the castrated rats exhibited testosterone boost that were 5% of those experienced by the uncastrated rats. As a result, the researchers point out, we can readily conclude that alcohol oxidation can be a major trigger for the increase of testosterone.

Seeking Treatment for Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism

Alcohol use disorder is a dangerous mental illness that should not be taken lightly. Whether a person you know frequently abuses alcohol or has turned into a full-blown drunk, both cases involve some aspect of this dangerous disease. As we have seen, this dangerous drug can trigger severe bouts of aggression, which will not only get you into trouble but will also cause extraordinarily ill-timed trouble for your friends and loved ones.

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