How do you handle people who are addicted to drugs or are intoxicated in a public setting? Ultimately, this question holds relative importance in public circles. After all, drug addicts and alcoholics are not necessarily bad people, just men and women who are down on their luck and happen to be suffering from one of the most debilitating mental illnesses on the planet. So, should lawmakers arrest addicts or give them the option of choosing rehab? In the end, officials in the city of Tulsa, Oklahoma have opted for the second. Now, the city has implemented aptly named “sobering centers,” where addicts have the choice to undergo treatment or have someone drive them home (an unorthodox but effective move, perhaps). Let’s take a closer look at this unusual situation.

Offering a Chance at Recovery

In Tulsa, Oklahoma, residents who have been arrested for being drunk or high in public now have a choice to go to Tulsa Sobering Center, a location that provides high-quality withdrawal and rehabilitation. Consider the fact that 60% of arrests in municipal areas of this city are directly related to intoxication, and you may begin to realize why this 6-month program may benefit the public on such a large scale. Following a 10 (or possibly 12) hour stay, the detained individuals will have the choice to continue with their rehab programs or receive a ride home (no further arrests made). Even more interesting, authorities will not add any of these events to criminal records.

So, how successful is the program so far? According to Deputy Chief of Police Jonathon Brooks, 391 people have opted to stay at the facility, and only 21 of these individuals have returned multiple times.

Saving Innocent Lives

A CLOSER LOOK AT SOBERING CENTERS IN TULSA, OKLAHOMATulsa Mayor G.T. Bynum has explained how people who are arrested for being high or drunk in public locations are either one-time offenders who made dreadful mistakes or individuals who suffer from severe substance use problems (who may have been in jail before). Through this alternative to imprisonment, nonviolent offenders and innocents will be protected from unnecessary arrest, while repeat offenders will get the real help they need.

Seeking Treatment for Drug Abuse or Alcoholism

Considering whether or not drug addicts and alcoholics should be arrested for public crimes or immediately given the choice to attend rehab seems to be a major subject of debate in our country. After all, these men and women are making poor lifestyle choices as the direct result of a mental illness or a terrible habit and are not necessarily bad people. In either case, addiction is a severe problem that requires the most intricate care.

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