Discovering that their teenagers are using drugs or drinking alcohol might be one of the worst nightmares ever experienced by a parent, and you can understand why. After all, mothers and fathers have done their best to make sure their sons and daughters become strong-willed, intelligent, and logical human beings. So, to see these children fall into a trap of drugs and booze is nothing short of heartbreaking. Nevertheless, experimentation tends to be a part of teenage years, when young men and women are more than eager to push the limits of their minds and bodies. So, as a parent of a teenager, how can you determine the signs of teen drug use and alcohol consumption? What are the little telltale signs or obvious pieces of evidences to keep an eye out for? Let’s take a closer look and find out some more information.

Keep an Eye out for Suspicious Behavior

A CLOSER LOOK AT SOME WARNING SIGNS FOR TEEN DRUG OR ALCOHOL USEAs parents, you will probably already have your kids’ behavior and habits memorized to a tee, for obvious reasons. In that light, you may not have the hardest time determining that your sons and daughters are using drugs or consuming alcohol. Here are some points you can check off:

  • Follow your nose: If your teenager has been using drugs or drinking booze, they may have the telltale fragrance of these substances on their clothes, skin, and hair.
  • Make eye contact: Signs of recent drug use or alcoholism include heavy eyelids, red eyes, pinprick pupils, severely dilated pupils, and flushed color on the face and neck.
  • Sudden mood changes: After a wild night of partying, your teen will be stumbling uncontrollably, laughing at nothing, or acting abnormally aggressive (if they have used drugs or alcohol during that time out).
  • Look in the car: If your teen is driving, inspect the car for telltale ashes, cigarette or joint butts, strange bags in the glove compartment, shattered glass, and any other types of paraphernalia.

Searching the Room

Ultimately, one big question remains: should you search your teen’s room? In short, the answer is a great big “yes.” Although the bedroom might be a place of solitude, you have every right to search this space if you believe your son or daughter as a serious problem. However, if you find your child is not suffering from abuse or addiction, this may be a good time to ask them if something else is troubling them.

Seeking Treatment for Drug Abuse or Alcoholism

Drug addiction and alcoholism are unfortunate aspects of reality, and, in an even worse twist, that means that teenagers may inevitably want to experiment with these substances. Curiosity is not always a good thing (as countless news reports and films have shown us), and it is the duty of parents to make sure their young adult children develop an extreme distaste for these dangerous substances. However, if a teen makes a mistake, it is not his or his parent’s fault. Sometimes, each of us slips up.

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