Nowadays, Netflix virtually rivals Disney and Fox in terms of film distribution and audience size. Once the biggest video rental store in the country, this multi-billion dollar company has now produced an online channel complete with original shows and films. You can even spot famous celebrities like Adam Sandler, Will Smith, and Joel Edgerton starring in innovative films like The Meyerowitz Stories and Bright. Plus, some viewers will also appreciate the new take on the hit series Lost in Space. Still, would you be surprised to hear that the renowned company has added a marijuana documentary to its lineup of programs? The short answer is “probably not.” After all, the little green plant has already made an impact on medical studies and the beauty industry. Why shouldn’t it appear in educational films for adults? Let’s take a closer look at the Netflix documentary and see why it holds so much value.

The Secret of 420

A CLOSER LOOK AT THE NETFLIX WEED DOCUMENTARY THE LEGEND OF 420One of several additions to Netflix’s “weed lineup,” The Legend of 420 takes viewers on a journey through the path of cannabis legalization across the United States of American and helps us gain a new perspective on the little green plant’s path to success. Directed by Peter Spirer, this documentary is simple yet informative and expertly paints a picture of the history of the plant in general, from its recreational use to its benefits in medical studies. Likewise, the film touches on the plant’s influence on politics. Anyone who is familiar with marijuana will appreciate the detail in The Legend of 420, and newcomers to the industry will gain a strong understanding of this fragrant little herb.

Not for the Hardcore

While the film is informative and brief (clocking in at 1.5 hours), The Legend of 420 will not satisfy people who have virtually memorized marijuana and its chemical makeup. Not to say that is a bad thing. After all, there are many people who are just entering adulthood, and parents may consider a short, matter-of-fact film like this to be a great springboard for the “weed conversation.”

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