Marijuana is one complicated little plant, isn’t it? From one side of the board, scientists are welcoming pot as a new form of alternative medication, while other professionals are still blacklisting the plant as a type of mind-altering narcotic. Regardless of our opinions about its health benefits, marijuana is still a drug, through-and-through. However, some of the most bizarre cases involving the fragrant green herb are taking place in our European neighbors. According to recent studies, new strains of expensive “monster marijuana” are spawning across the continent and causing a heap of trouble for medical professionals and the public. Let’s take a closer look at the Jekyll and Hyde of the plant world and see how it’s impacting Europe.

Too Much THC for Me

In a recent study (published on December 30, 2018), researchers from King’s College London and the University of Bath assessed data from 28 European Union countries, as well as Turkey and Norway to determine the strength of this new monster marijuana. Overall, the team discovered that the concentrations of THC (delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol) in herbal cannabis had boosted from 5% in 2006 to 10% in 2016. Likewise, THC in cannabis resin skyrocketed from 8%-10% (2006 to 2010) to 10%-17% (2011 to 2016). In other words, this new marijuana is very strong.

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Weed

A CLOSER LOOK AT THE NEW “MONSTER” MARIJUANA IN EUROPEMuch like the iconic characters of the same name, marijuana has two different sides. On one hand, its harmless cannabinoid CBD is a major component for medication and, in reality, is beneficial for people suffering from severe illnesses. On the other hand, research has confirmed how marijuana with higher levels of THC (ultimately muting CBD) can result in marijuana dependence, a low IQ, and a high risk for psychotic behavior.

Now, take into consideration that 24 million European adults (7.2%) consumed the cannabis plant in the previous year. (Meanwhile, 192 million people used the drug worldwide.) Now that policies are beginning to change, exposure to these new super-weeds might prove to be a huge problem for recreational users and medical marijuana patients on a global scale.

Seeking Treatment for Marijuana Use Disorder

Marijuana is a tricky little plant, offered as a form of alternative medication and criticized as a delinquent part of society. No matter what the public may say, however, this herb still has a high potential for abuse and dependency. If you are suffering from a form of marijuana use disorder or have a friend or loved one who has a marijuana problem, the time to take back control is now.

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