In general, comic books are a great medium for educating kids, teens, and young adults about the dangerous drugs. After all, who better to teach them about addictive substances than some of the most iconic superheroes of all time? From Iron Man’s alcoholism to Bane’s steroid dependency, heroes and antiheroes have shown us the dangers of succumbing to inner demons or being the victim of unintentional addiction. So, in the great run of anti-drug campaigns during the 80s, a character who glorifies drug use might not be the best educational figure. Why is this the case? He gets superpowers from snorting cocaine and uses it as a positive tool. Let’s take a closer look at the controversial comic book drug lord appropriately called Snowflame.

Blast Power and White Shower

A COMIC BOOK CHARACTER WHO GOT HIS POWERS FROM SNORTING COCAINEUltimately, the creators of this character picked a good name, as cocaine is pretty much the equivalent of shoving a blowtorch up the nose (particularly when you consider its nasty side effects), but the storyline was far from relevant for its time. Introduced during The New Guardians #2 (1988), Snowflame was introduced as the leader of an infamous drug cartel who (in a shocking twist) obtains his powers from snorting cocaine. Unlike Iron Man or Bane, this villain loves his drug use, appreciates his addiction, and promotes the drug to the reader and other characters. Needless to say, this wasn’t a good concept, but this story is still fascinating.

Drugs Kill, Kids

Nevertheless, we can still appreciate the story for trying to promote the “war on cocaine” and use scare tactics to deter kids and teens from experimenting with the drug. In the end, the New Guardians throw Snowflame into a burning shed that ultimately explodes. Also, the character runs his cartel in the jungles of Columbia, a nod to black market dealings during this time. Although the initial idea was definitely noble, the execution was far from desirable. Rather than taking the route of making him a victim of drug use, the writers of New Guardians unintentionally set up Snowflame as a poster child for cocaine. Overall, this was a piece of propaganda gone horribly wrong.

Seeking Treatment for Cocaine Addiction

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