When you look back on recent events, you may begin to notice that the marijuana debate has started to take a very bizarre turn. Since its legalization in several states as of March 2018, cannabis plants have become the spotlight of some very unique, bizarre, and dangerous stories. Several teens and a child overdosed on THC-laced gummy candies, while a restaurant in Arizona has announced it will be the first kitchen that serves marijuana-based food. Governor Brown (California) has restricted medical marijuana in schools. Meanwhile, the Mormon Church has supported weed in Utah. What else could possibly happen to draw media attention? Apparently, a company plans to launch marijuana into space. Let’s take a closer look at this strange story.

Anti-Gravity Growth

A COMPANY PLANS TO LAUNCH WEED INTO SPACEWith the help of Space Tango (a Kentucky-based company), marijuana may be taking its first small steps onto the International Space Station. Recently, the group announced they planned to use clustered micro labs (roughly the same size as a microwave) to test how hemp and multiple plants can grow in anti-gravity environments. If successful, marijuana aficionados could be witnessing the development of the first space strains of weed.

With the passage of the 2014 U.S. Farm Bill, production and research on hemp were highly limited, and this new piece of legislation has permitted scientists to analyze the benefits of the hemp plant (e.g. fiber, food, and medicine). Even more interesting, the Bill has an updated section that could legalize hemp altogether.


Kris Kimel (a former engineer for NASA) founded Space Tango to test the effectiveness of food growth and quality in restricted zero-g environments. An advisor to Space Tango, Dr. Joe Chappell, explains that plants stuck in anti-gravity pull from a genetic storage tank to produce more potent compounds (as a survival mechanism). Besides marijuana, Anheuser-Busch has supplied barley for the project as part of its production of “space beer.”

Nevertheless, the cultivation of space weed (and beer) would come at a cost. In spring 2018, 4 Pines (a brewer in Australia) is projected to spend an estimated $1 million to craft zero-g beer, and each bottle (without the liquid) will cost $90.

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