As the holiday season officially starts in the United States, millions of Americans are already making preparations for parties and family gatherings. No doubt, you have probably laid out your plans for cooking the turkey (or food of choice), hanging up decorations, inviting guests, and cleaning the house. However, a large number of people are (unfortunately) also making room for a distastefully toxic guest: alcohol. (In fact, this thirst for booze is so strong that, over 9,000 years ago, our ancestors literally leaped from trees to snatch rotten, fermented fruit from the forest floor.) Still, even the strongest person has their limits, as cases with alcoholism and alcohol abuse have demonstrated over the years. While beer and wine are the go-to drinks, some partygoers prefer to consume something with more of a kick, perhaps more than they had been looking for. Let’s take a closer look at some of the deadliest alcoholic drinks ever made.


Can a person smoke alcohol? According to the makers of the Vaportini, the answer is “yes.”  Considered the king of deadly alcoholic substances, by far, this concoction is formed when spirits are heated to 140 degrees Fahrenheit and form a toxic vapor. While it might not have the carbs and calories that accompany a bottle of beer, the Vaportini is extremely toxic for the human body. Also, after a person inhales these fumes, the alcohol immediately enters the bloodstream, resulting in instant intoxication. In other words, the Vaportini is a nitrous injection to the brain.

Hurl Hurl

A LOOK AT SOME OF THE DEADLIEST ALCOHOLIC DRINKS EVER MADEPerfectly named, the Hurl-Hurl might look tasty and innocent, but this little drink contains enough alcohol to knock a 7-foot, 350-pound bodybuilder flat. Unlike a bloody Mary, a Long Island iced tea, or a martini, the Hurl-Hurl is 100% alcohol with no additional ingredients added. A typical mixture includes melon liqueur, raspberry liqueur, crème de bananes, peach schnapps, amaretto (almond liqueur), Southern Comfort, Malibu coconut rum, triple sec, and a dash of cranberry juice. Now, you can see where the name comes from.

Four Loko

Imagine what would happen if a person mixed caffeine with alcohol. Risk-takers attempted to solve this mystery when they invented the Four Loko, a drink that is designed to get a person drunk fast and make them think they are 100% okay. Typical ingredients in this beverage include caffeine, taurine, guarana, and alcohol. In fact, Four Loko is so dangerous that more than 12 universities and at least 4 states have completely banned it. All people can expect from this drink is high blood pressure and alcohol poisoning.

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