After a long and tantalizing wait, it’s official. Now, Michigan and North Dakota are giving residents the decision to vote on marijuana legalization and Missouri and Utah (as predicated) are going to be voting on the legalization of medical-grade cannabis. Overall, this is a very happy time for many people in the marijuana community, at least those who live in states where the drug will be legal. However, this current chain of events might not be so great for this group. According to High Times and NORML, researchers have identified some candidates for the House of Representatives who could leave a huge impact on the case for cannabis. Who are these people and what could they do to change this situation? Just in time for the national elections, let’s take a closer look and find out.

Pete Sessions (R-Texas)

A LOOK AT THREE HOUSE CANDIDATES WHO COULD INFLUENCE MARIJUANA LEGALIZATIONResidents near Amarillo, Texas may have the chance to vote in favor or against this candidate, who (according to sources) represents one of the largest roadblocks to pro-cannabis movements. During his career, Sessions has attempted to dissolve bipartisan efforts to push forward with marijuana legalization. Critics have argued that this candidate will prevent further developments with medical weed, as he currently chairs a committee that will not allow this issue to move forward.

Andy Harris (R-Maryland)

At this time Washington D.C. does not seem to be fond of Maryland Congressman Andy Harris, although the District of Columbia has little influence on the situation because (honestly put) it is not a state. Since the district first legalized cultivation and possession of marijuana in 2014, however, Harris has attempted to put a buffer in D.C.’s expenditures on pro-cannabis laws. As a result, D.C. cannot ensure taxed, controlled sales of the drug.

Carlos Curbelo (R-Florida)

From the Everglades to Key West, voters will have the chance to elect Carlos Curbelo, currently one of the biggest supporters of the little green plant. (Nevertheless, he is facing opposition from his competitor Debbie Mucarsel-Powell, of the Democratic Party.) Currently, Curbelo has earned a position as a leader of pro-cannabis reform on Capitol Hill, but, out of five House Incumbents from the Republican Party, he could face some backlash in the election.

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