One of the problems with the treatment of an opioid addiction is the withdrawal symptoms that addicts face once they stop taking their drug of choice.  There are, however, drugs that can be prescribed that will lessen the side effects of withdrawal from an abused drug. One of the drugs that is commonly prescribed is buprenorphine.  

This drug stops certain types of withdrawal symptoms like erratic mood changes, inability to sleep and nausea and sickness.  However, buprenorphine has to be administered once a day in pill form.  In many instances, if a dosage is missed, even just for one day, then the risk of a person relapsing increases significantly.  That is why researchers have developed a new implant that will release small amounts of buprenorphine into the body on a regular basis, thus lowering the risk to a recovering addict. Because of its success, over a million people take buprenorphine each year.

The implant is called Probuphine and was recently approved by the FDA for regular, prescribed use.  The implant consists of a strip of material that has four small rods in it.  This material is then surgically placed under the skin. The actual procedure is quite easy and only takes 20 minutes and can be done as an outpatient status.  The robs will slowly release small doses of the drug on a daily basis. This allows the user to not have to worry about losing the medication in pill form, forgetting to take the pill or having the medication stolen.  The implant is designed to stay in the addict’s body for up to six months, then it is removed. The Probuphine implant helps with the following in relation to opioid addiction:

–          Reducing withdrawal symptoms

–          Reducing cravings for drugs

–          Reducing the risk of relapsing on opioids

–          Stopping the effects of opioids if an addict has a relapse.

After six months, if the addict still suffers from cravings for drugs, then the FDA has approved the use of another implant for another six month period.  One of the benefits of the new implant is that it makes it harder to sell buprenorphine illegally and without a prescription. If the addict does not have a bottle of pills he or she can sell, then that risk is taken away.

Although this medication and implant device helps with overcoming opioid addiction, it is not the only way to treat an addict.  There should be a plan in place created by professional addiction specialists that includes behavioral therapy, inpatient treatment,long-term outpatient treatment, sober living homes, faith-based treatments and support groups.  With all of these types of treatment protocols, along with the Probuphine implant, then the addict has a good chance of recovery and maintaining that recovery.

If you are interested in learning more about Probuphine, you should consult a physician that specializes in the treatment of people who are addicted to opioids.  Under a doctor’s supervision, this new device can truly help someone who is stuck in the spiral of addiction.

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