For many individuals who have just finished rehabilitation for opioid addiction, the rocky road of recovery has only just begun. Consider the fact that many men and women started taking opioids to numb aggravating or debilitating chronic pain. Now, without the presence of opioid drugs, that pain is ready to come back with a vengeance, full force and ready to hit. Although the addiction might be gone, these recovering victims are still suffering from pain, physiologically and/or psychologically induced. What can be done? According to a recent report from the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), hope may very well be on the horizon. Let’s take a closer look at a possible, less dangerous alternative to opioid painkillers.

The Miracle of AT-121

A POSSIBLE ALTERNATIVE TO OPIOID PAINKILLERSAs part of a recent experiment, Dr. Nurulain Zaveri and a team of researchers utilized a combination of medicinal chemistry, computer modeling, and drug designing techniques to create a substance that could combat the modern opioid: AT-121. In the same manner as powerful drugs like oxycodone and morphine, AT-121 also attaches itself to MOR (mu opioid receptors) in the brain to block pain. Interestingly, though, Dr. Zaveri’s team discovered that AT-121 also attaches to the nociceptin/orphanin FQ peptide (NOP) receptor. As a result of this interaction, the team found that patients who use this drug will not feel all of the dangerous or irritating side effects triggered by common opioids.

No Problems Here

In additional tests, scientists administered doses of AT-121 to a group of test monkeys. As predicted, even the strongest quantities of this drug didn’t trigger the nasty side effects of opioids: rising heart rate, blood pressure problems, irregular body temperature, or poor respiration. Even more interesting, the team speculated that AT-121 may also be an effective medication for opioid addicts; in another series of tests, monkeys who were pretreated with this drug showed no problems after consuming oxycodone.

Seeking Treatment for Opioid Use Disorder

Opioid use disorder is easily one of the most terrifying substance use disorders on the planet, mostly because opioid addiction partially stems from drugs that are regulated by the federal government. For decades, our country has suffered beneath the weight of dangerous synthetics and legal painkillers, and millions of Americans have felt the effects of addiction throughout the 20 years the crisis has been brewing. However, you can make the right decision by taking a stand against your addiction and regaining your health and happiness.

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