You used to think that this man was the one. He was so funny back then. The cleverness of his words, the laughter in his heart. Every time you two would get together he would open the car door. He loved to show you how much he cared. The photos on your desk show a different time than now. You two were so happy back then. Life was simple and there were so many plans you two had for the future. All of that seems like a distant memory now. He has changed, but then again so have you. It seems so trivial now that you think back to the moment that changed it all. It was just one night of experimentation. At least that was the intention. It seemed exciting and as though you were solidifying the bonds of your relationship in some way.

You go back to that night in your recollection often now. You just cannot believe how much things have changed, fallen apart. It was just supposed to be a dose of Heroin. The other couples at the party were also doing it. Your two good friends at the time, said they had heard amazing things about the experience. You became curious and so you went along. Worst mistake of your life! He’s in a treatment facility now and he has been there for the last six months. That has been your only saving grace. To be honest the relationship was eating at you, keeping up with the habit and wanting to take care of him along the way. It was your thing, the thing you loved to share. Your mother is here with you and watching over you like a hawk because you refused to go into treatment. Somehow you survived the withdrawals, however you cannot stop thinking about heroin. It almost eats you away. This feeling of love that you once held for him has turned into resentment. You can’t bare the outcome of your life. All family and friends, except mom have disappeared. He used to be your motivation, until he motivated you into saying yes more than what was healthy. Here it comes again, that feeling. It keeps gnawing at your stomach. The cravings make you erratic. Mom has been asking you to go to treatment. Perhaps it is time to listen.

Within recovery, there will be plenty of options. Speaking to a professional counselor or therapists can inform you about the best process. Whether it be you or a loved one, reach out for help. You are not alone in this experience and a great treatment program may be the wisest choice. At Asana Recovery, we understand the challenges faced when recovering from these addictions. Through our daily work to help those struggling most from this disease, we have designed rehabilitation programs that aid in breaking the cycle of dependency. Counseling and aftercare processes can assist you in addressing the psychological facets that led you to addiction and help you build a structure from which to better cope with life without succumbing to addiction. Take charge and lead the way into a healthier new you.

Asana Recovery offers supervised detoxification and residential treatment programs in a supportive, relaxative, and inspiring environment. Call us today at (949) 438-4504 to learn more about the facilities and discuss whether our comprehensive drug and alcohol addiction program is right for you.


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