If you have been keeping up with Hollywood media over the past decade, you may have noticed one celebrity (and former teen star) had disappeared from the front lines for a while. However, actress Amanda Bynes recently reappeared in the public spotlight and has proudly proclaimed that she is ready to get back to work. Ultimately, the starlet had to disappear from mainstream media due to overwhelming problems that (summarized) included mental health and drug abuse. As a result of her behavior, Bynes had to be institutionalized and fall back into the conservatorship of her mother. However, now that she is back in the movie industry, she has finally shed light on the terrible circumstances that led to her hospitalization and disappearance. Let’s take a closer look at what Amanda Bynes has to say about her drug use.

Experimentation and Ultimate Destruction

In a recent interview with Paper magazine, Bynes explained that she had always been a turbulent child and had started using drugs at a very tender age. When she was 16 years old, she started smoking marijuana in secret, out of concern she would tarnish her “good girl” image, but she continued to use the drug beyond that point. At some point, Bynes points out, she graduated to hard drugs like MDMA (molly, ecstasy) but never got a “positive reaction” from cocaine, which she experimented with.

However, Bynes admitted that her ultimate drug of choice was Adderall, which she started using while filming the movie Hairspray. At that time, she faked ADD symptoms and obtained a prescription for the stimulants after visiting a psychiatrist. Nevertheless, once the film Easy A was released in 2010, Bynes realized she was not fit enough to continue with her career until she was clean and ultimately left the Hollywood spotlight.

Words to the Wise

ACTRESS AMANDA BYNES SHEDS LIGHT ON HER DRUG USEAt this time, Bynes has expressed nothing but embarrassment and shame for her behavior and has apologized to all the people she has wronged (or may have wronged). In that light, she is particularly disturbed by her infamous Twitter rants. However, Bynes is positive about what her future holds and feels like the road can only go upward for her.

Seeking Treatment for Stimulant Abuse or Addiction

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