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Asana Recovery - Providing A Safe And Caring Haven

What Our Costa Mesa Rehabilitation Center Offerings Can Do For You… Asana Recovery offers a modern, relaxed, and comfortable setting where you can focus on your recovery and engage in other supportive activities. Your residential stay includes treatment in our luxurious Costa Mesa rehabilitation center. Along with support from our medical team, case manager, therapist, counselors, and support staff. A furnished room, all of your meals, supplies, any local transportation, and activities are also included. Our chef creates a nutritious and complete meal plan in consultation with a nutritionist and prepares all meals, which are provided three times a day, along with healthy snacks. Comfort And Safety Is Our Priority

  • Clients are provided the necessary medication to help them through the critical period of detox. Medical staff is on hand should any client need immediate assistance with supporting medications or other care.
  • Clients are provided well-balanced and nutritious meals.
  • Clients have access to various amenities, such as high-speed Internet, and entertainment with broadcast and cable TV. Netflix and other subscription-based channels are also available.

An Asana Recovery Day

Our Beautiful Location In Costa Mesa, California Allows Clients To Enjoy Many Activities…

  • Daily Group Activities
  • Supervised Low-Intensity Exercise
  • Fresh Air Mindfulness Sessions
  • Onsite BBQs

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