There are several different types of addiction from alcohol addiction to drug addiction. All types of substance addictions are serious and can have extremely harmful and often irreversible effects on the physical and mental well being of the sufferer. There are other types of addiction behavior where even though they can be considered addictions most recovery centers don’t treat them because they are behavioral based rather than chemically based. Things like sex addiction, gambling addiction, or food addiction would fall into this category. According to the definition of addiction, these behaviors are technically forms of addiction, but they are less severe than drug addictions or substance abuse.

Behavioral addictions are often more of a symptom of a larger mental illness than an illness that needs to be treated. Many times when someone is using sex or gabbling to mask their mental illness, if the person seeks help and begins taking the right steps to cope with their illness, their addictive behavior will often fade away. Substance addictions can also stem from untreated mental illness, but unlike a behavioral addiction, drugs can take over a person’s life to the point where even if the mental illness is treated the drug addiction will still be there. Sex addiction, in particular, is a hotly debated topic among many psychologists with some saying it can be just as dangerous as drug addiction and others saying it is not a real addiction. Currently, there is no diagnosis in the DSM-V for sex addiction, so it seems most of the psychologist community leans to the not addiction side.


Most behavioral addictions can be helped with talk therapy to get to the root of the problem and don’t need the person in question to submit to a recovery program or anything like that. Most recovery centers don’t even admit people with behavioral addictions choosing instead to focus on people with severe drug addictions as they are the ones who need intensive and constant care to overcome their substance addiction.

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