When it comes to the great marijuana debate, one of the true poster children for federal legalization is Canada. Since October 2018, our neighbor to the north has successfully integrated the little green plant into its society (even more than before) and has somehow managed to overcome some truly nasty problems, ranging from data breaches to low product inventory. However, did you know that most of the dispensaries in the entire country are found in Alberta? Not only that, this southern province will soon be receiving the brunt of pot shipments, driving a bit of a wedge in the current pot shortage. Let’s take a closer look and find out some more information.

We’ve Got the Most

According to reports, out of the 183 fully licensed marijuana outlets in Canada, little Alberta contains 65 locations. Overall, this means the province has approximately 1/3 of all pot stores in the country. (Also, keep in mind that Alberta accounts for 12% of the Canadian population, overall.) Even more interesting, officials appear to be shipping large stocks of pot into Alberta in the wake of an ongoing shortage of this plant, explains Jordan Sinclair (spokesman for Canopy Growth, the largest distributor in Canada). Simply put, most of the stock is going to this province, making it one of the most consumer-friendly locations in the Canadian marijuana market, in general.

Pot Consumption Capital

ALBERTA HAS ABOUT 1/3 OF ALL THE MARIJUANA STORES IN CANADADue to these circumstances, you may not be surprised to hear that Alberta also dominates the board in terms of pot consumption, as well. Statistics show that 17% of Albertans (15 and older) consume this drug, in contrast to the 14% national average. However, Nova Scotia still teeters ahead of Alberta at a 20% rate of use. Also worth noting is the fact that Alberta has set the legal age for marijuana purchase and consumption at 18 years, the youngest in Canada.

So, which stores have slid behind Alberta in terms of store quantity? Rounding up the pack, Newfoundland and Labrador contain 25 marijuana outlets, beating out the quantity of 12 stores in the heavily populated province of Quebec.

Seeking Treatment for Marijuana Use Disorder

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