The effects of drug use on the human brain have been widely studied. While it is unsurprising that these effects would vary from substance to substance, what if the effects also vary based on the gender of the person using the substance? Recent research suggests that, at least some drugs, have different effects on men and women.

For the study, researchers examined the MRI scans of 127 men and women, a little less than half of whom had been previously dependent on cocaine, amphetamines, and/or methamphetamines. The drug-dependent group included 28 men and 31 women. The remainder of the study participants formed a control group of non-drug users of similar ages. The study found that women previous addicted to stimulants had smaller amounts of brain tissue known as gray matter, which controls an individual’s ability to think, move, and behave. These findings emphasize the importance of more gender-specific research into and treatment of substance addiction.

If you are growing concerned that you or someone you love may be developing a substance addiction, you should speak with a certified addiction specialist as soon as possible. Substance addiction is a progressive disease that will only grow worse if left untreated.

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