As any athlete knows, the chance of injury while playing a sport could be very high. Just one wrong move could cause an injury that sends you to the doctor. Once the doctor examines you, they may prescribe you some medicine to deal with what could be extreme pain. As you start to recover, you could also be developing an addiction to the opioid painkillers that were prescribed to you.

Opioid addiction is very high among athletes who suffered an injury. Opioids painkillers are often prescribed to athletes who suffer painful injuries. It is a widespread technique for managing pain. This is especially problematic within younger populations. There are a vast amount of children who are in grades 7-12 who are prescribed these highly addictive drugs. About 50 percent of these middle and high schoolers have been prescribed opioids by a doctor at some point in their lives.

The danger of prescribing teenagers these drugs shows in studies that have been conducted. NYU conducted a study linking teenagers’ use of opioid painkillers to heroin use. About 75 percent of the teenagers who participated in the study and admitted to heroin use said that they started with opioid painkillers. Overall, about 12 percent of the students in the survey said that they had used opioid painkillers for non-medical purposes. The more frequently these teenagers used opioid painkillers, they became much more likely to use heroin.


When athletes, both student and professional, are prescribed opioids, they tend to use them. Athletes are expected to perform well and balance their athletics with academics. With more stress and anxiety, athletes may be even more driven to abuse opioids.

An athlete who is abusing opioids will exhibit many signs and changes in their performance. They will be more sensitive to pain, be more nauseous, be dizzy or confused, suffer from depression, and show much lower levels of energy than they usually might. If you observe these signs in a loved one who has recently experienced an injury as a result of any sports that they play, they may have developed an opioid addiction. However, there is help out there for anyone struggling with this problem.

At Asana Recovery, we understand that the stresses of balancing athletics with your everyday life can sometimes lead you down the path of opioid addiction. We are here to support you and help you learn to live a life free of opioids. Every day, we help people develop the tools that they need to live a clean lifestyle when they are done with their treatment.

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