For many people, music festivals are awesome opportunities to listen to awesome music and network with friends, but, as many of you know, these wild and crazy events are infamous for a darker side of “fun”: drug use. Perhaps one of the best examples is the famous (and equally infamous) Woodstock music festival, where thousands of people gathered to share their love of music and a passion for mind-altering substances. However, as with any case involving drugs, tragedy is bound to strike. In fact, a recent incident that took place at an Australian music festival attracted the attention of the New South Wales premier and a variety of news sources. Let’s take a closer look at how an Australian man’s death showcases the dangers of drugs at music festivals.

Dangerous Trends of Overdoses

At a recent celebration at the Beyond the Valley Festival in Lardner, a 20-year old man from Victoria suffered a possible drug overdose and was transported to a hospital, where he later died from the attack. Even more disturbing, another 20-year old man also suffered from a suspected overdose at this very same festival, but (fortunately) he did survive. Why is this such a major issue for the Australian people and what makes it relevant for us in the States? Simply put, these incidences and more reflect a tragic trend in overdose statistics: an issue about pill screening.

Taking Multiple Lives into Account

AUSTRALIAN MAN’S DEATH SHOWCASES THE DANGERS OF DRUGS AT MUSIC FESTIVALS So, why has nothing been done about these terrible tragedies at music festivals? Simply put, the local government does not want to take part in any activities that could condone drug uses, which includes pill testing (on their account). In recent times, the New South Wales and Victorian governments have continued to oppose propositions to implement pill testing procedures at these festivals.

According to NSW premier Gladys Berejiklian, pill testing would only take a single victim into account and would ignore the majority. What might be dangerous for one visitor might be perfectly fine for another (in reference to legal drugs). In fact, the first phase of a pill-testing trial in Canberra confirmed that half of the experimental pills were not psychoactive.

Seeking Treatment for Drug Abuse or Addiction

Drug addiction and alcoholism are serious mental illnesses that can and will destroy the mind and body. On the same note, addiction will not only drive a massive wedge into your social life but also potentially destroy your private family life, especially if you are already dealing with an underlying behavioral problem or relationship issues as it is.

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