In truth, no one is exempt from the great marijuana debate that has claimed our country. Since its legality in California, Washington, Oregon, and other U.S. States, the drug has either been approved by masses or hated by others. After all, who can blame them? No matt what way you slice or bake it, marijuana is still a mind-altering substance that can produce some pretty nasty side effects, especially when it is smoked. One particularly disturbing set of statistics from 2017 showed a growing trend in marijuana use among teens. However, according to a news source, the parents of modern teens and young adults are beating them to the punch. Unbelievably, for the first time in a long time, baby boomers are consuming higher percentages of marijuana than their children. Let’s take a closer look at this change.

Baby Boomers are Booming

BABY BOOMERS ARE SMOKING MORE THAN THEIR CHILDREN FOR THE FIRST TIME IN YEARSIn 2017, the National Institute for Drug Abuse (NIDA) announced a trend in marijuana use over the past decade: baby boomers were surpassing their children in terms of marijuana intake. In 2007, less than 2% of American adults had consumed marijuana, while 7% of teens used the drug (both groups reported use during the past months).  Meanwhile, in 2017, adult marijuana use increased by 6.5% in total since 2002 (with an additional increase from 2% to 4% in terms of monthly use).

Researchers have also shed light on the fact that 20% older American (ages 65 and older) have been consuming marijuana for medical purposes, while an additional percentage was using weed to assist them as they stopped using opioids. These statistics may reinforce the perception that cannabis could potentially be used as a successful medicine for pain management.

Illegal Marijuana is Still a Problem

Despite positive beliefs in the medical community, marijuana is not completely innocent. In September 2018, 30.5 million American people (roughly 11.3% of the U.S. population) ranging from 12 years old and up had been using illegal drugs. Out of this group, 26 million people admitted to using an illegal variant of cannabis.

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