By now, you may have heard something about bath salts as they grow in popularity. What exactly are they? Why are people using them to get high?

Bath salts are commonly referred to as ‘Vanilla Sky’, ‘Flakka’, ‘Bloom’, or ‘White lightning’ although they are technically synthetic cathinones. This is a class of drug that has man-made chemicals related to cathinone. Cathinone is a stimulant that grows naturally in the khat plant in southern Arabia and East Africa. The chemical makeup of this stimulant is remarkably similar to those found in MDMA and methamphetamine.  The man-made version of cathinones often includes MDVP, methylone, and mephedrone as well as a mix of other chemicals and compounds.

Symptoms of use

Individuals under the influence of bath salts can have different reactions to the substance. Generally, users report feeling:

–          Extremely joyous

–          More social

–          Have a higher sex drive

–          Extreme paranoia and nervousness

–          Hallucinations both visual and hearing

Individuals that take bath salts often do not do so intentionally. Quite often, dealers substitute MDMA pills or other party drugs for bath salts and slip them to unknowing victims. Thousands of individuals have sought medical attention as a result of taking bath salts.

Heart problems are the most common cause of emergency room visits relating to bath salts. Individuals often experience chest pains, racing heart, and high blood pressure. Additionally, panic attacks, hallucinations, and extreme paranoia can result almost immediately after ingestion. Death is a very real possibility for individuals taking bath salts as they may experience dehydration, breakdown of muscle tissues that attach to their bones, and kidney failure. Snorting and injecting the drug instead of taking pills seems to be the leading cause of the more severe side effects.

Are bath salts addictive?

Bath salts are extremely addictive to users. The drug can cause intense and frequent cravings and urges. Taking the drug routinely can lead to individuals building tolerance and dependence on the substance. As a result, stopping the drug can result in withdrawal symptoms like:

–          Tremors

–          Sleeping issues

–          Anxiety and/or depression

–          Paranoia


If a person is using bath salts, it is important that they receive proper detox for the substance. At Asana Recovery, we offer a 24-hour monitored detox program that allows addicts to cleanse their system in a safe environment. The detox process can be uncomfortable for many addicts, which is why it is important that steps and precautions are taken to ensure patients remain comfortable throughout the process.

After detox, it is important for patients to undergo inpatient and/or outpatient treatment to ensure they do not have a problem with this substance again in the future. A reliable inpatient program will help addicts determine the cause of their addiction and develop skills needed to refuse use in the future.

If you or someone you know has a problem with bath salts or any other drug or alcohol use, contact us at (949) 438-4504 to see how we can help you today.