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Bibliotherapy refers to the use of selected books and reading materials as part of a planned program designed to help facilitate the treatment of a variety of mental health issues and substance use disorders. The healing potential of bibliotherapy has been recognized for centuries and was revitalized as a tool to treat soldiers returning home from the war in the early 1900s.

Bibliotherapy is not generally considered a form of therapy on its own, but it is found to have benefits as a component of a more comprehensive treatment program. The bibliotherapist will select books that complement the emotional and mental issues being explored and rehabilitated through other therapy techniques, increasing the overall effectiveness of the treatment.

The mood-boosting effects that may result from reading books can also help put patients in a better mindset, making them more receptive to other forms of therapy. Bibliotherapy is known to be a useful tool for fostering communication and, thus, can be particularly useful in the treatment of substance addiction among young teens.

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