Over the course of several years, marijuana has been the focal point of multiple groundbreaking studies related to a multitude of health problems, as well as a string of debilitating illnesses. Recently, doctors in Australia have focused on the drug’s potential benefits for patients suffering from an aggressive brain tumor strain, while some doctors have considered how the drug could prevent brain damage. Meanwhile, pharmacies across the U.S. have approved Epidiolex, a non-psychoactive cannabis-derived seizure medication used to treat rare forms of epilepsy. At the root of these studies is a miraculous little chemical called CBD (cannabidiol), a cannabinoid that has managed to slip past normal regulations due to its therapeutic aspects. Nevertheless, some facts about this substance might not actually be true. Let’s take a closer look by busting some myths about high-CBD marijuana in the medical field.

CBD is not Psychoactive

If you have been keeping up with marijuana research over the past few years, you may have heard reports claiming that CBD is not a mind-altering substance, unlike its cousin THC (marijuana’s mind-altering agent that produces a high). For the most part, this is a myth. Unlike THC, CBD does not impair judgment or motor skills, but it does impact the human brain in positive ways (at least according to doctors). For this reason, CBD is considered a good alternative medicine for seizure patients and individuals suffering from anxiety.

CBD is a Sedative

While early research suggests that CBD-rich marijuana produces a sedating effect on the human body, the cannabinoid actually serves as an energy-booster. In fact, high concentrations of CBD counteract the sedating effects of THC, while also impacting normal sleep patterns. So why were doctors and researchers convinced that CBD was a sedative? This assumption may be rooted in the fact that CBD-rich marijuana strains contain traces of myrcene, a terpene with sedative aspects.

CBD in Hemp, Medical Marijuana, and Isolates is the Same

Given the fact that hemp, medical marijuana, and isolates are all derived from the cannabis plant and contain traces of CBD, you would think the little cannabinoid would have the same chemical elements across all fields. Ultimately, though, CBD is at its strongest when it is derived from the raw marijuana plant, where it works in synchronization with its phytochemical siblings. Likewise, CBD in hemp is significantly less productive, and isolates do not always contain particularly high doses of this chemical.

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