In the national debate on marijuana, California serves as one of the frontrunners, fully legalizing recreational and medical uses for the drug. As of March 2018, the Golden State has been joined by seven other states including its Pacific Coast neighbors Washington and Oregon. Recently, California has also announced plans to grow artisan marijuana in Humboldt and Mendocino counties. Nevertheless, the state has faced some speed bumps along the way. Governor Brown has declared that children cannot use medical marijuana in schools (for their protection), despite protests from other legal officials. One of the most recent issues, however, is far more dangerous: transporting marijuana outside the boundaries of the law. Here is a closer look at how California is cracking down on this issue.

Commotion in the City of Motion

CALIFORNIA DELIVERY DRIVERS TARGETED FOR TRANSPORTING MARIJUANANeedless to say, San Diego could easily be considered a leader in marijuana busts. In fact, illegal deliveries of the drug have been going on since 1996, when medical cannabis was officially legalized. In August 2018, San Diego police arrested 34 people and seized $60,000 and 230 pounds of marijuana. Four months ago, in June, law enforcement officials stopped five suspects involved in Fast Grass delivery with 30 pounds of marijuana, 4 grams of crystal meth, and $1,800.

Meanwhile, the City of Angels is not too far off. One month ago, in September, Los Angeles revealed that 515 people from 101 businesses had been arrested in a nine-month period.

Cracking Down on Cannabis

Authorities have speculated two causes for these crimes: a high demand for cannabis and various problems with legal restrictions on the drug. While California is the leader in U.S. marijuana consumption, actually finding a place to purchase cannabis is still difficult for pot aficionados. Research indicates that one quarter of California cities and counties permit the establishment of pot dispensaries or growers. Statewide control and high costs for setting up shop add to the problems.

As a suggestion, lawmakers have proposed to develop a legal system of delivery drivers, who will stick to strict guidelines including established curfews and driving routes.

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