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For a long time now, California has maintained a steady role as the state of progress, and probably one of the best examples of this view is the fight for marijuana legalization. After all, our state was the epicenter of the original fight to provide pot to HIV/AIDS patients in the wake of an epidemic, and it became one of the first U.S. state to legalize the recreational use of the drug. However, even though alcohol is legal across the entire country and is 100% legal in California, does that mean the Golden State is officially prepared to allow the sale of a pot-infused alcoholic drink? According to sources, California has said “no go.” Let’s see why our state doesn’t approve a beverage which puts a whole new meaning to the term intoxication.

Why Doesn’t California Approve?

Obviously, given the circumstances, business owners and civilians have a lot of questions for state officials. In particular, the owners of locations that are licensed to sell booze are also curious about this disapproval of a pot-infused alcoholic drink. In response to the mixed reviews, the Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC), the group which provides licenses for locations throughout the Golden States, simply explained that marijuana and alcohol cannot be sold at the same location. Even if a business owner holds dual licenses for alcohol and marijuana sales, this activity can still not be conducted in a registered establishment.

Ways around the Rule

So, in that light, are customers allowed to bring their private stashes of cannabis to these locations? In short, ABC can answer this question with Health and Safety Code section 11362.3, which completely bans the consumption or smoking of marijuana in public places. That means marijuana cocktails (the center of this story) cannot be sold under any circumstances. Although these beverages might be sold at currently undisclosed locations in the future, we can guarantee that you will not be seeing a fusion of pot and booze in California anytime soon (at least not the legal variety).

Seeking Treatment for Marijuana Use Disorder

Although marijuana might be marketed as a form of alternative medicine and does (in fact) help patients suffering from cancer or HIV/AIDS, you have to remember that this little plant is still a drug (through and through) and can inflict tremendous damage on cognition and IQ.

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