California is definitely ahead in the marijuana debate. With promises of commercial artisan marijuana production in wine country, the Golden State seems to be spearheading new trends. However, a recent turn of events showcases that California is not ready to lift potentially life-saving regulations on this addictive substance. Recent reports confirmed Governor Jerry Brown blocked a bill that would have permitted students to bring medical marijuana products to school, and his words showcase the brutal reality and confusing aspects of marijuana. Let’s take a closer look at this act, how it is relevant to recent events, and its significance to preventing adolescent addiction.

Jojo’s Law

Nicknamed Jojo’s Law, the bill was designed to permit children suffering from illnesses (particularly, severe forms of epilepsy) to have more access to medical marijuana they use as medication. The name “Jojo” was inspired by a San Francisco high school student who suffered from Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome (an extremely rare disorder that causes seizures), and the piece of legislation itself was developed by Senate District 13’s State Senator Jerry Hill.

In a recent conversation, Senator Hill emphasized the importance of allowing these children to bring their cannabis meds to school. Regardless of what some lawmakers stress, he stated that teenagers and young children should have access to the medicines that ease their suffering (even if some of those medications contain questionable ingredients).

Governor’s Choice

CALIFORNIA GOVERNOR BLOCKS BILL PERMITTING MEDICAL MARIJUANA USE IN SCHOOLSWhile Governor Brown did not deny the drug’s effectiveness with suppressing seizures, he did express concern over accessibility. As part of the veto letter, Brown explained that Jojo’s Law did not specifically target children suffering from serious disorders. Instead, if the law was passed, it would have granted all students access to marijuana. As part of his statement, Governor Brown stressed the importance of additional tests on marijuana before freely dispensing the product to children.

In fact, Governor Brown’s decision could not have come at a more critical time, given what has been happening recently. Earlier this year, a New Mexico 5th grader and a group of Indiana teenagers suffered severe side effects after consuming cannabis and THC-laced gummy bear candies, showing just how potentially deadly marijuana can be for juveniles.

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