Over the years, cigarettes have incredibly transformed due to the advancements of medical science. At one point, hundreds of thousands of men and women smoked tobacco products in an effort to keep with the time and look “glamorous,” but, now, tobacco items are frowned upon (and even banned in a variety of public locations). Ultimately, you can understand why. The tobacco contained in cigarettes (and related products) is often laced with dangerous poisons and toxins, and secondhand smoke can inflict tremendous harm on non-smokers. Let’s also not forget the biggest danger to humans: cancer. Still, while we might be familiar with how tobacco byproducts trigger this deadly illness, what about the addictive substance nicotine? Can this chemical also cause forms of cancer? Let’s take a closer look and find out some more information.

No Cancer Here…Not Exactly

Keep in mind that a large portion of research targets tobacco byproducts and poisons produced by cigarette smoke as the principal cause of cancer for smokers, but, in that light, nicotine is not always added to this list. While the majority of medical professionals will readily agree that this addictive chemical does not trigger cancer, new research has introduced the possibility that nicotine warps DNA, ultimately making the body more vulnerable to developing cancers. On that note, using pure nicotine products versus nicotine-infused tobacco products lowers these risks overall.

Nicotine’s Unique Flavor of Danger

CAN NICOTINE TRIGGER TYPES OF CANCER?However, keep in mind that not all pure nicotine products are “pure” (as advertised) but can still inflict harm on people. For example, men and women who try to quit smoking will use patches and chewing gum or suck on lozenges (all infused with nicotine), but they may face a risk of suffering a heart attack, given the fact that nicotine is a stimulant. We must also mention the dangers of e-cigarettes, products that are marketed from providing smoke-free smoking but actually contain a horde of nasty chemicals. Overall, if you have never smoked before, stay away from pure nicotine.

Seeking Treatment for Nicotine Addiction

Understandably, people will automatically consider if nicotine can trigger cancer, as it is one of the most powerful components in cigarettes. However, based on the research we have reviewed, we can safely say that nicotine does not produce any health problems (outside addiction and abuse) whatsoever. Still, that does not mean that cigarettes, e-cigarettes, and other tobacco products are safe. If anything, the nicotine makes these items even more dangerous for men, women, and children.

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