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Can We Find Sobriety As A Couple?

Couples Therapy

Dealing with the addiction of a loved one is challenging, but when a couple is struggling with addiction it really gets complicated, but there is hope.

A common challenge that couples living in addiction face is if only one member of the couple goes to rehabilitation and the other continues to use substances.  The result is an uphill battle for the first partner who will struggle to avoid relapse after treatment is over. Despite the challenges, the goal is to constantly seek help and services to help both individuals tackle issues already faced by the couple, such as relationship challenges, financial loss, and even dealing with the potential decline in health in one or both of the individuals.

The best case scenario is when both partners are willing to enter treatment, either at the same facility or different facilities.   A couples treatment approach, such as behavioral couples therapy (BCT), and even Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) provides significant benefits for living with partners and families struggling to deal with addiction issues.   The goal is to get as much help and support to improve the relationship, managing any mental health issues, a common one in couples with addiction is codependency and enabling, and to begin building the foundation of a healthy relationship where each partner has their needs fulfilled without substance abuse.   Recovering from addiction and taking the lifelong path of recovery has many ups and downs and sometimes the strength and companionship of the relationship and the shared experience can make the journey enjoyable enough to continue.   

Asana Recovery specializes in offering both individualized treatment and couples treatment for alcohol and substance abuse.  If you and your partner are ready to start the journey, Asana Recovery can provide you with the resources, support and tools you will both need  to achieve wellness as an individual and as a couple, only when we are whole can we give to others.

For more information or to get set up in a program together, contact us now at 949-438-450 .


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