Vivitrol is a form of naltrexone that is injectable, and assists alcoholics in the process of achieving and maintaining sobriety. It blocks any pleasurable effects triggered by alcohol, and also brings alcohol cravings to a halt. So although becoming sober isn’t easy, Vivitrol helps by making the process simpler.

Naltrexone contains opioid blocking properties and the highest affinity for binding in the mu-opioid receptor. Even more importantly, it seemingly stops alcohol cravings in individuals who are alcohol dependent. It is actually the naltrexone that is present within Vivitrol that blocks the chemical responses that make alcohol appear rewarding. By operating in this way, Vivitrol provides people with the needed physical support to remain sober and focus on completing a thorough recovery program. Though its mechanism of action for alcohol dependence still is not completely understood by scientists, Vivitrol is a tried and true medication with multiple benefits for those who are eligible for treatment.

Vivitrol is actually not at all addictive in nature. It may not be a one-stop cure for alcoholism, but it can indeed help recovering alcoholics stay alcohol-free following the alcohol detox timeline. Vivitrol is also used as a part of a comprehensive program that may include individual or family counseling, cognitive behavioral therapy, support groups, educational sessions, lifestyle changes, plenteous support systems and other treatments that fit your personal needs. Along with this, there are also pros and cons of using this drug:


  • Significantly decreases cravings for alcohol
  • Used in conjunction with a structured treatment program, it can lead to long lasting sobriety
  • Reduces the risk for relapse by making alcohol undesirable
  • Is a safe, supervised method of treatment
  • Vivitrol injection is administered once a month and does not require daily dosing


  • Very costly/expensive ($1200+ every month, even including private insurance that covers prescriptions drugs)
  • Treatment can only be initiated after all traces of opiates and alcohol have left the patient’s system
  • FDA approved for individuals 18 and older
  • There are possible side effects with Vivitrol, as with any other medication
  •  Can increase patient’s sensitivity to opiates and lead to overdose if and when opioids are taken


We understand here at Asana Recovery the level of difficulty that comes along with recovering from addiction. Our work on a day to day basis consists of help those struggling most from this disease. Despite the obstacles that may be encountered, you can traverse this if given support by the proper team. Counseling and aftercare can also help you to create foundations from which you’ll learn how to better cope with life, without the added weight of addiction.

All detoxification process are closely monitored,  and the on-site treatment programs at Asana Recovery are offered in an environment that is motivating, disciplined, and supportive. We are committed to making sure of every patient’s long term recovery, all while guiding you on a path to a much better future. Call us today at (949) 438-4504 to gain more insight about our comprehensive drug and alcohol addiction treatment program!