After going through a treatment program to overcome a drug or alcohol addiction, there is yet another obstacle one must face. After leaving the safety of a treatment program, individuals will return to a world in which anything is available to them. Drugs and alcohol are just as easy to get as they were before going through a treatment program. While there are ways to prevent a relapse of addiction, it can be a part of the recovery process. Many people do end up relapsing after they leave treatment. However, there are a few ways to push back against the likelihood of relapsing once someone returns to their everyday life.

Once a person has exited their treatment program, they are not expected to avoid relapse entirely on their own. An effective treatment program will give a patient the tools and connections to help that they need to have the highest chance of staying away from drugs that they can have. People can utilize outpatient treatments to stay away from drugs and alcohol after treatment. A 12-step program can be an effective tool for staying sober after you are done with your treatment program. There are also other self-help options and therapies available to people who want to avoid relapsing.


One of the most important things someone can keep in mind when they are through with treatment is that they are not a failure at recovery if they do relapse. It can be a part of the recovery process as much as any other step. A relapse episode means that a treatment program needs to be revisited. Speaking with a doctor can help them to tailor a new treatment, modify an old treatment, or use some other tactic to get back on the path to living a drug or alcohol-free life.

However, there are some unique dangers associated with relapse. People are used to taking the amount of drug their body could handle before they went through a treatment program. However, with no more tolerance, this amount of drugs could be deadly. This can make it especially essential to try to avoid relapse as much as possible.

At Asana Recovery, we make sure that we help people gain the skills and resources that they will need to avoid the dangers of relapse after they leave our treatment program. Through a comprehensive treatment program, we can help you to live for years without turning to drugs or alcohol again at any point in the future.

Asana Recovery offers supervised detoxification and a residential treatment program. Our treatments are provided in a supportive, relaxing, and inspiring environment that will help you to stay on the path to recovery. Lead a happier and healthier life with the tools that you will gain in our treatment program. Do not wait another day to begin your recovery. We are available to talk to you any time of the day. Call us at (949) 438-4504 to learn about the comprehensive drug and alcohol addiction treatment program.